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Dark chocolate with black pepper and rose blossom leaves


Gloomy autumn evenings often feel very melancholic. Days are getting shorter, and endless to-do lists just make you want to run away just for a minute. Let alone the cold weather, which always comes before you even think about a warmer coat…



In Asia, spicy food is valued for a reason: peppers warm your body, help absorb nutrients and get rid of toxins. Rose blossom leaves are a perfect addition – they are scientifically proven to maintain balance of brain functionality and mood swings, which are common during cold seasons.



Cacao 83%, rice milk powder, cacao butter, coconut nectar sugar, roses petals, black peppers.

Without lactose and gluten free.

Made in Lithuania.

Product 100g 50g
Energy value 2657 kJ / 642Β kCal 1328 kJ / 321 kCa
Fat 56 28
of which saturates 42,1 21,05
Carbohydrate 19,2 9,6
of which sugars 4,5 2,25
Fibre 23,3 11,65
Protein 9,6 4,8
Salt 0,18 0,9