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    Shipping and Return

    1. Deliverya
      1. Seller aims to give courier particular goods that has to be delivered within 5 working days after the payment for the goods.
      2. Lietuvos pastas, AB services are used for delivery of goods. The price of delivery is 4,99 EUR.
      3. Any order will shipped through the Lietuvos pastas, AB by registered mail.
      4. The buyer can read information regarding Lietuvos pastas, AB working hours (delivery time) and Lietuvos pastas, AB services in Lietuvos pastas, AB webpage.
      5. We are not delivering goods to Kursiu Nerija or outside the rerritory of Lithuanian Republic.
    2. Returns
      1. The buyer is entitled to return or to change the goods according Lithuanian legislation (Order No. 271 of the Minister of Economy dated on 29-06-2001 and Order No. 258 of the Minister of Economy dated on 17-08-2001) and during 14 days from the arrival of goods.
      2. In addition to the standard return policy for internet purchases, EU customers have 7 working days to cancel their order, beginning the day after receipt of the goods, in accordance with Distance Selling Regulations No. 258 approved by the Minister of Economy. Furthermore, you must submit your order cancellations in writing to Customer Services, making direct reference to your specific order.
      3. The Seller understands that the Buyer might have different picture of the goods compare to the originals due to various characteristics of the computer or monitor and (or) settings. The Seller is not liable for any decisions made by the Buyer based on such situation.
      4. Replacement and return are possible only if the goods were defected, not used, the goods, labels and the package is not damaged.
      5. Any protective casing that was delivered with your order should be returned as well if you would like an exchange or refund for a defected goods. Always use original packaging whenever possible.
      6. For food regulation reasons chocolates and chocolate creams cannot be returned or exchanged (unless they are defective or out of date).
      7. Buyer’s request regarding return or change of the defected goods should be given in written form and accompanied with the proof of purchase of goods with a detailed description of a defective.
      8. Buyer’s refund might be fulfilled in 14 working days after the defected goods were returned to the Seller and the Seller confirmed that the goods are accepted as returned. Delivery fee is non refundable.
      9. Sometimes thinner chocolate bars brake or whiten during the transportation but this does not oblige us to reimburse for the item. Please note that items bought online cannot be refunded or exchanged.
      10. We do not accept liability for non-received items. Returning fees are payed by Buyer.