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Dark chocolate with lemon and lavender


When the summer sun is shining bright, the only thing you want is to escape from daily routine and remember your sweet childhood just for a minute. You remember the young, careless days and your first high school sweetheart, but the ringing phone suddenly brings you back to reality. You take a piece of chocolate, so those precious moments stay with you for just one more minute…



The endless benefits of lemon speak for themselves – not only it is an excellent source of antioxidants, but also helps your body absorb more iron and strengthens your immune system. But emotional health is nonetheless important, and that is where lavender oil steps in. It is perfect for improving sleep and helps soothe your nerve system.



Cacao 83%, rice milk powder, cacao butter, coconut nectar sugar, lavender essential oil, lemon essential oil.

Without lactose and gluten free.

Made in Lithuania.

Product 100g 50g
Energy value 2790 kJ / 708 kCal 1535 kJ / 389 kCa
Fat 61,2 33,7
of which saturates 43 23,65
Carbohydrate 21,3 11,72
of which sugars 5,2 2,86
Fibre 24,1 13,26
Protein 12 6,6
Salt 0,18 0,9