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    Organic Lavender and Lemon Flavored Dark Chocolate


    Did you ever want to escape your routine for just a minute, to experience the blissful freedom that stays in your childhood? Go back to those bright summer days with a delicate, innocent bite of something sweet. Go back to the careless days, high school sweethearts and evening walks. The time before business calls, and schedule notices. Just for one more minute…


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    What do you do when life gives you lemons? Make something healthy, delicious, and unique. Instead of making lemonade, we use lemons in our chocolate for their antioxidants, the ability to help your body absorb iron, strengthen the immune system, and of course, the amazing natural flavor. Instead of a cherry on top, we added lavender oil – perfect for soothing the nerve system, improving sleep and adding a subtle and delicate hint for your nose to enjoy.




    Cacao, cacao butter, coconut nectar sugar, lavender essential oil, lemon essential oil. Cacao content 73%.

    Without lactose and gluten free.

    Made in Lithuania. Learn more.

    Product 100g 55g
    Energy value 2790 kJ / 708 kCal 1535 kJ / 389 kCal
    Fat 61,2 33,7
    of which saturates 43 23,65
    Carbohydrate 21,3 11,72
    of which sugars 5,2 2,86
    Fibre 24,1 13,26
    Protein 12 6,6
    Salt 0,18 0,9