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    Organic Dark Chocolate with Pistachios and Salt


    The clock is slowly ticking to announce the start of your vacation. Your stuff is already packed. And… that is it! You shut down your laptop, rush through the door and make your way through the lively city. Couple more hours, and you’re on your way. No matter where – what matters is with whom.


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    Dark chocolate and pistachios – one of the best sweet and salty combinations out there! Sprinkle on a little bit of salt, and you have something that even the sharpest pallet will love!
    It doesn’t just taste good. Pistachios are one of the hardest working nuts on the planet – they aid digestion, help maintain a clean system, not to mention that they’re great for your skin and sharp vision! Who knew a little dark chocolate with pistachios could bring you the best of all worlds.



    Cacao, cacao butter, pistachios, coconut nectar sugar, salt. Cacao content 73%.

    Lactose and gluten-free.

    Made in Lithuania. Learn more!

    Product 100g 55g
    Energy value 2892 kJ / 923 kCal 1591 kJ / 508 kCal
    Fat 60,5 33,3
    of which saturates 42,65 23,46
    Carbohydrate 22 12
    of which sugars 5,3 2,92
    Fibre 24,3 13,37
    Protein 11,62 6,39
    Salt 0,20 0,11