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    Organic Dark Chocolate with Almonds and Cinnamon


    When winter takes over, life just seems so slow. White snow caps cover nature to preserve its beauty for the next season, you sit in a cozy room and admire the white scenery, while a warm cup of flavorful coffee warms your palm.


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    What’s beneficial for the digestive system, acidity regulation, helps defend against skin and heart problems? Almonds – more than just a delicious addition to our dark chocolate. Paired with cinnamon it makes for a great tasting treat that even aids in fighting the common cold. The perfect way to spoil yourself.



    Cacao, cacao butter, almonds, coconut nectar sugar, cinnamon. Cacao content 73%.

    Without lactose and gluten free.

    Made in Lithuania. Learn more.

    Product 100g 55g
    Energy value 2790 kJ / 708 kCal 1535 kJ / 398 kCal
    Fat 61,2 33,7
    of which saturates 43 23,65
    Carbohydrate 21,3 11,72
    of which sugars 5,2 2,86
    Fibre 24,1 13,26
    Protein 12 6,6
    Salt 0,18 0,9