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    Organic Mint Flavored Dark Chocolate with Raisins


    You leave your house and see the first buds springing on the trees. Spring – the time of year when nature wakes up, and so does your desire for new experiences. Your heart is aching to feel, and your body is dying to move after a long, cold winter.


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    The cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle is a nutritious diet.

    Paying attention to what you eat will help you achieve more while preventing the dreadful burnout. This chocolate is made to not only satisfy exquisite tastes but to improve your health as well. The addition of mint will help fight cold symptoms and aid digestion. Why raisins? They add a subtle sweetness and break up the texture of the chocolate while giving you a little energy boost – a natural stimulant. Have another bite – mint helps burn calories too.



    Cacao, cacao butter, raisins, coconut nectar sugar, mint essential oil. Cacao content 73%.

    Without lactose and gluten free.

    Made in Lithuania. Learn more.

    Product 100g 55g
    Energy value 2783 kJ / 672 kCal 1531 kJ / 370 kCal
    Fat 56 28
    of which saturates 42,1 21,05
    Carbohydrate 27,2 14,96
    of which sugars 6,5 3,6
    Fibre 23,3 11,65
    Protein 9,9 5,45
    Salt 0,18 0,9