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    Sweet Organic Dark Chocolate with Rose Petals and Black Pepper

    4.99 2.49


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    Cacao (70%), cacao butter, raw agave sugar, black peppers, rose petals.

    May contain other nuts.

    Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight (20oC).

    100% – Refined sugar free, heathy choice, vegan, made with love, dairy free.

    Made in Lithuania.

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    Product 100g 55g
    Energy value 2718,9 kJ / 656,6 kCal 1359,5 kJ / 328,3 kCal
    Fat 55,6 27,8
    Of which saturated fatty acids 33,2 16,6
    Carbohydrate 30,3 15,2
    Of which sugars 25,2 12,6
    Dietary fibre 6,4 3,2
    Proteins 5,6 2,8
    Salt 0,0 0,0