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    Organic Dark Chocolate


    Every winter brings a bit of anxiety. How do I stay robust? How do I spend the days that are getting ever shorter? There’s nothing better than something sweet and delicate to break the monotony of a cold routine, warming the mind and the soul.


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    A perfected classic – raw, intense, and crafted with love and respect for tradition. This is dark chocolate that’s rich with what makes it not only delicious, but healthy too – antioxidants and protein. Meanwhile, the added coconut blossom sugar introduces a pleasant sweetness that’s good for the body and the palate.



    Cacao, cacao butter, coconut nectar sugar. Cacao content 73%.

    May contain other nuts.

    Without lactose and gluten free.

    Made in Lithuania. Learn more.

    Product 100g 55g
    Energy value 2657 kJ / 642 kCal 1328 kJ / 321 kCal
    Fat 56 28
    of which saturates 42,1 21,05
    Carbohydrate 19,2 9,6
    of which sugars 4,5 2,25
    Fibre 23,3 11,65
    Protein 9,6 4,8
    Salt 0,18 0,9