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    Dark chocolate with raisins and mint

    Raisin and Mint Chocolate – How Healthy Can It Be?

    dark vegan chocolate with mint and raisinsFrom the days of old, people found phenomenal ways of taking the best nature has to offer to improve their health and well-being. Among the many different substances at our disposal, few shine as brightly as mint and raisins. Wondering how can they improve your health? In this article, you’ll learn how the two, and our raisin and mint chocolate can positively impact everyday life.

    The Age Old Cure – Mint

    Everyone knows mint best for the delicious soothing tea that can be produced by it. But it can be used in so many other ways, while still retaining the beneficial health aspects.
    Here at Ach, we use mint essential oils, infusing them into our raisin and mint chocolate, so you can reap the rewards of it:

    1. Mint Helps Treat the Common Cold

    Everyone’s grandma’s favorite cold cure – mint. With it you can soothe the throat to reduce the ugly cough it brings, all the while reducing pain. Menthol also relaxes muscles, which improves a stuffy nose, and opens up your sinuses. It’s not just about feeling good either – mint has antibacterial qualities which will prevent a weakened immune system from being compromised further.

    2. A Treat Your Head Will Love

    One of mint’s lesser-known qualities is the ability to help reduce stress and helps you keep focus. This is thanks to mint being a light natural sedative – a substance that decreases blood pressure helps calm the body and mind. Meanwhile, the smell of menthol aids in keeping you in flow – focusing your now calmed and relaxed mind.

    3. Helps You All Over

    There’s so much more to mint! First of all, the menthol doesn’t only relax the muscles in, and around your sinuses, but does the same with your stomach. Have an upset tummy? Something minty is a surefire way to improve it. Mint will help you digest faster, improve your stomach quicker, and will help break down everything that needs to go.

    Who Might Not Love Mint?

    As with all things, there’s no cure-all substance that will protect you from everything. Some people should avoid mint and opt for alternatives, like almonds, or lemon.
    There’s, of course, the obvious group of people that are allergic to mint or menthol. Ignoring a doctor’s warning is always a recipe for a bad time. The second group that might want to steer clear are people with acid issues. As menthol relaxes muscles, including the ones in your stomach, the acid present will find it easier to go up the shaft and harming you.

    Raisins – Condensed Nutrition

    While raising might not be everyone’s favorite treat, they are definitely incredibly healthy and can be phenomenally delicious, when paired with the right foods. So let’s learn a little bit about what good they can do for you.

    1. So Much in a Little Package

    While it’s true that raisins aren’t exactly innocent, given the fact that they are calory and sugar-rich, other aspects more than make up for it! In raisins, you can find a ton of fiber that will aid digestion, improve stomach health and reduce constipation, but will also give you that extra nudge when trying to lose weight.
    You’ll also get a great serving of antioxidants that will help clean your body from the inside, improve health and reduce the chances of and risk of heart diseases, or even cancer. How’s that for a snack?

    2. Good for Your Oral Health

    A lesser known fact about raisins is that they have the ability to reduce oral germ growth. While that’s true for many other dried fruits, raisins are especially great for your mouth.
    How does this work? Raisins contain certain acids that will help fight cavities, brittle teeth, and protect from decay. Pretty amazing right?

    3. Iron For Days

    Yes, nutrition was covered, but we feel that this deserves its own section. Iron is crucial for a healthy and happy body. And raisins have plenty of it! Leading a plant-based lifestyle? Definitely stock up on raisins!
    The iron contained will bring tons of benefits – so many that we can’t cover them all in depth in a single article. For starters, you’ll see an immediate impact in reducing anemia, improving anemia impaired sleep, help easy other conditions like acne or psoriasis. After all, iron helps create new blood cells, and in turn new blood. And we’re pretty sure there’s no need to explain why that is essential!

    Think Before You Eat

    Just like before, we feel that it’s important to delve into not just the good, but also the risky. So who should steer clear of raisins? Obviously, for starters people with allergies or intolerances. Same goes for people suffering from diabetes. The rich sugar and fructose content of raisins is bound to cause some unpleasant side effects. Same goes for people that are at higher risk for diabetes. While eating a few is completely fine, they should definitely be a limited treat in your diet.

    And How Do They Pair With Chocolate

    Now that you know all the important nutritional and health information, we can close out with the flavor. How does our raisin and mint chocolate taste?
    Well, you’ll know for sure when you try it, but you can definitely expect something special – the bitterness of the chocolate gets to meet the sweet hint of raisins, breaking up the firm texture, making everything melt in your mouth. All the while, the mint will enter your nose, to provide a fresh sensation to the intense mix of flavors.
    We recommend pairing this chocolate with heavy-roasted coffee, strong tea, or similarly intense drinks. Enjoy!